Literacy Education

Comprehensive Exam for Literacy Education and TESOL

One graduation requirement for master’s programs in the Literacy, Language, and Culture (LLC) Department is passing a comprehensive examination that address the program’s learning standards. Students may choose to complete a week-long, take-home essay exam administered by the LLC department (no fee), or students may choose to complete the appropriate Praxis Subject Assessment: Reading Specialist 5301 for Literacy Education students or English to Speakers of Other Languages 5362 for TESOL students (schedule and pay fees to ETS: // The department’s comprehensive exam or the Praxis Subject Assessment will be completed during the final seminar course (EDU 634/635). Passing scores on the Praxis Subject Assessment are set by each state’s Department of Education; Maine’s current passing scores are 164 for the Reading Specialist 5301 exam and 155 for the ESOL 5362 exam. Passing scores for the department’s comp exam are a combined score of 20-24 out of 24 possible points on the 3 essays (each essay=8 points). Please see rubric (pdf). 


For those choosing to complete the department’s comprehensive examination, six questions will be generated and distributed electronically to students by the LLC administrative specialist on the first day of the exam. Of the six questions, students will select three on which to write. Completed exams must be returned electronically as one document to the LLC administrative specialist by the due date and time. Each of the six questions could cover more than one program standard. Please see program standards and comp question examples (pdf).